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    About Our Brands

    Here at Souls we are super proud of our great clothing collection. Every season we travel to the main offices of our brands to hand select the pieces we think you’ll love most from their main collections. This is a long and lengthy process but it's so rewarding for us when we see how much you all love the pieces! Many of our customers will recognise our brands by the clothes alone, with brands like Moliin that love bright colours and patterns while other brands such as My Essential Wardrobe focus on creating good quality wardrobe staples. But there is so much more to the brands we stock than just their clothes! Each one has a mission unique to them and this makes us love them even more. We stock a brand for everyone at Souls, read more to find out about our brands, their collections and why we love them! 

    By far an in-store favourite is Danish Brand Soya Concept. Soya Concept pride themselves onbeing a colourful and feminine brand. Their clothes are fashionable and of a high-quality, but with an affordable price tag to go with it. We really love the price accessibility offered by Soya as it makes it possible for every single woman to easily follow the latest trends. A great aspect of Soya Concept is that they listen carefully to their customers, they are keen followers of the latest and upcoming trends and they keep up with this changing customer demand by releasing 6 collections each year. Many high street stores only release 4! This ensures that they stay on top of trends and can always deliver the clothes their customers love. 


    Another super popular in store brand is Sofie Schnoor. Much like Soya Concept they are really eagle eyed with current and upcoming trends which can be credited to their founder. Sofie grew up with parents who worked in the fashion industry and she would often work with them, gaining massive amounts of industry knowledge from a young age. The vibe of the brand is Scandinavian cool and edgy pieces which also have some playful aspects to the design of the pieces. The brand is extremely clever in their designs as they are able to create these edgy pieces while also still giving an aura of elegance and glamour. This brand is the perfect cool girl brand and this is why we love them so much, it is impossible to not feel stylish in a Sofie Schnoor piece. 


    Another of our favourite brands is Coster Copenhagen, one that we have stocked on and off in our boutique since we opened in 2018! Unlike some of our other brands, Coster Copenhagen has a great focus on colour and design. This brand is perfect for the shopper who cares for the small details in the design and construction of her clothes as well as a shopper who loves colour and print. The brand describes their clothes as being a little bit edgy whilst still being feminine, while also maintaining an elegant simplicity in style, and we totally agree with this. The pieces from this brand are always fun and playful but in a way that is extremely classy, and we often see this in the form of classic shapes of clothing in bright colours or with quirky patterns integrated into the fabric. This creates clothing that modernises classic pieces, making them more current with trends we see today while also holding a timeless quality about them. Any wardrobe investment from Coster Copenhagen will see many wears over the future and will be in your wardrobe for many, many years.   


    While we have brands that are extremely trend conscious, and put a great consideration into current trends when designing and producing their clothes, we also have other brands which have a mindset that contrasts this. InWear is one of these brands. A key philosophy of the brand is that trends come and go, and the women who love InWear are unconcerned with them. Instead, the women who wear their clothes want to be able to reach for an InWear piece and know it will fit perfectly and be a timeless piece. It is clear to see this philosophy running through the pieces created by the brand, there is a focus on high quality and simply chic pieces rather than in modern styles, patterns and colours. This is an aspect of the brand that we love, any InWear piece will be a long term investment into both your style and wardrobe which you can wear and love for many years. It needs to be said though, that this classic style does not mean these pieces are boring or old fashioned, InWear thrives in making clothes that are still relevant, confidence inducing and empowering for the modern woman today. 


    Much like InWear, My Essential Wardrobe has a similar outlook when designing their clothes. They are not a trend brand, they have some subtle trend influences in their pieces but they help women to create the perfect capsule wardrobe that will last them for years. The brand believes in paying tribute to the ‘perfectly imperfect woman’ and ridding women of the feeling of an empty closet and nothing to wear. They do this by designing clothes that are feminine, effortless and perfectly fit all the different silhouettes of the female body, helping women to build an essential wardrobe that never goes out of style with pieces they want to use again and again. My Essential Wardrobe is a staff favourite brand in store and we love the pieces we stock. The clothing created by the brand has modern design elements which make them unique, and often help to transform clothes that could otherwise be quite basic. If you try to achieve the model off duty look in your day to day style, this brand is the one for you!


    Of all the brands we stock in store, Moliin is arguably the most unique and least trend conscious of them all. With clothes covered in bright and loud patterns in every colour under the rainbow, the purpose of Moliin is to create clothes that are both feminine and bohemian in their aesthetic as well as having a cool and raw attitude to compliment it. The brand is so clear in their purpose and it translates very clearly into their clothes, we can easily spot a Moliin Piece due to the edgy bohemian style the brand creates. The brand is also perfect for anyone who loves to wear print and patterns! The brand creates every pattern from scratch and it is a huge part of their conception and creation process. The pieces spark joy in the wearer, in a way that only a fun colour or pattern could ever do, and these prints and styles will always look good on women and will never go out of fashion. Moliin is the brand at the top of our price range, perhaps not achieving the price affordability and accessibility that brands such as Soya Concept does, but the pieces are of impeccable quality and they will be forever in your wardrobe. 



    Our final brand is a new addition to our store and it is Denim Studio. Much as the name suggests, Denim Studio creates great denim pieces in a variety of colours, fits and styles. What we love about Denim Studio, and what we think really sets it apart from many other Denim brands is that they have a high focus on sustainability and responsible production. This focus starts from the conception and design phase right through to when the jeans are sold. The brand does not overproduce their products, they manufacture in small batches to keep up with demand but prevent waste. The brand also does not offer sales and no product is destroyed, even at the end of the season. The producers for the brand are also required to follow certain health, safety and ethical guidelines that are in addition to those required by law. Denim Studio is so committed to this cause and we love that they are. And for the jeans themself, they are amazing!