Body Shapes

How to Pick the Perfect Clothes for Your Body Type

Dressing for your body type and making the most of your best features can feel like a frustrating experience. Like most people, you’ve almost certainly seen a gorgeous piece in a boutique window or magazine, lusted after it for weeks, only to find that it looks terrible when you finally put it on.

So what’s the solution? How can you discover exactly what will help you look and feel fabulous every time?

The secret is to start by working out your overall body shape before you hit the shops. Most women fit into one of five categories: the hourglass, inverted triangle, rectangle, pear and apple. Keep reading to find out which of these you fit into and how you can best dress to impress.


The Hourglass

This is the classic curvy look. Your shoulders and hips are almost the same widths, your waist is well defined and your bust is almost certainly large.

To make the most of your looks, you should highlight those curves and show off that gorgeous waist. Go ahead and choose those pieces that cling in all the right places. Clothes that are nipped in at the waist are excellent options as are V-neck, scoop neck and boat neck tops.

Avoid extra ruffles or pleats around your shoulders and hips as these can often make you look heavier. You should also steer well clear of bulky, baggy or shapeless clothes as they won’t do your body the justice it deserves. When it comes to colour and fabrics, look for dark colours around your waist or vertical stripes if you want to tone down your curves slightly.

The Inverted Triangle

If you have an ‘Inverted Triangle’ body shape, your shoulders will be wider than your hips, your hips will be small and your bust is almost certainly large.

The key here is to balance your shoulders and your hips, using colour and design to draw the eye to where you want it to go. Aim to use bright colours, patterns and pleats on your lower half and darker colours on the top. Tops with a V-neck are a great choice, as are those that skim past your hips.

Finally, avoid heavy detailing around the shoulders, big pieces of statement jewellery such as large earrings or necklaces and shoulder pads as these will only make them look larger.

The Rectangle/ Athletic

Those with an athletic body shape are straight up and down with very little waist definitions. If you fall into this group, your shoulders and hips are approximately the same width and you have fewer curves than some. Your bust is likely to be smaller.

The great news is that you have a huge choice of clothes- most styles look fantastic on you, especially halter styles, racerback styles, strapless anything and scoop or round necklines. To look your best, show off your waist with tops that can be tucked in or those with belts to create the illusion of a more defined waist. It’s also fun to draw attention to your arms and shoulders.

When it comes to choosing separates, remember the rule of balance. Whatever you choose for your top half you should balance with the opposite on the bottom. For example, if you choose a fitted top, look for a looser fitting piece for your bottom half. 


The Triangle/ Pear

Pear shaped bodies have hips that are larger than both the shoulders and the bust. If this sounds like you, you’re more likely to gain weight on your hips and buttocks.

Highlight your best features by opting for statement tops that draw the eye upwards and show off your waist, back or neckline. Plunging V-necks and stunning statement pieces of jewellery are also your best friend. Enjoy as much colour and pattern on your top half as you like then balance it out with darker shades on your bottom half to balance your body shape to perfection.

Avoid drop waist dresses, low waisted trousers, baggy tops or trousers that are heavily decorated.


The Diamond/ Apple

Do you tend to gain the most weight around your tummy? Is your waist relatively undefined? If so, you’re probably living in an apple shaped body.

Make the most of your gorgeous slim limbs by choosing skinny jeans and sleeves with plenty of detail. Make sure your clothes don’t cling too tightly nor hang loosely around your body. Either one will only make you look larger than you are.

You can wear whatever bright colours you want on your lower half but keep it plain and simple between your bust and your hips. You should also wear darker colours such as navy, brown and black over your tummy areas to help create the impression of a more defined waistline.


You can make the most of your most gorgeous features (and downplay those you’re not so keen on!) but dressing for your body type. But don’t forget that we’re all wonderfully unique and won’t fit exactly into any of these specific types. For more help, pop into our shop today. We’d love to see you!