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    Jennifer Aniston Looks, the Souls Way!

    So, if you’re a massive Jennifer Aniston fan like we are (we are obsessed with basically every outfit she wears!) you will spend so much time lusting over what she wears, her style, and how to recreate her looks. This is where we come in! We have chosen three Jennifer Aniston looks and have made this blog into a lookbook of how to recreate them. However, we’ve done this with a twist! We don’t have the wardrobe, funds or the celebrity stylist to hand to create these looks so we have chosen to use a capsule selection of clothes to create these outfits. This means you can get the look you love, without needing to spend lots of money to do it!

    We decided to make a simple black blazer the focus of these outfits. This is a piece that many people have in their current wardrobes, and if it's not something you currently own we would definitely recommend investing into one! This is an item of clothing that is loved by Jennifer Aniston alongside many other celebrities due to its versatility, practicality and timelessness. They can be worn so many ways from super casual occasions right to formal dressing and we have been so inspired by all of these Jennifer Aniston looks that we can’t wait to get our blazers out and wear these looks ourselves!

    The first outfit we’ve chosen to recreate is a great casual or business casual appropriate outfit! This is an outfit that will suit all shapes and sizes, and contains many clothing pieces that people love.

    The star of the show is the Vala Jacket by My Essential Wardrobe, this jacket emulates the jacket that Jennifer is wearing really well. Both pieces have a slightly cropped feel and sit around the hip line. They also have the same sleek single lapel and button fastening at the front. Like Jennifer, we have added a black t-shirt underneath the jacket, this one is the modal t-shirt from My Essential Wardrobe, and a pair of black skinny jeans to tie off the look. To accessorise we have added this black texture belt with silver hardware and a pair of vanilla coloured sunglasses. Both of these pieces give a similar vibe to those worn by Jennifer in the paparazzi photo. There are many ways that you can use pieces in your wardrobe to edit or add to this look. If you have a pair of black ankle boots and a small nude shoulder bag you can add those to further add to the style of her outfit. In contrast to how Jennifer wears this outfit, a pair of white tennis shoes and a large tote bag would make this outfit a great work option with a little more added comfort and practicality. We love the base outfit she has built here, as it is a great example of dressing capsully and it allows you to accessorise it up or down to meet your own personal style and needs.


    The second outfit is another Jennifer Aniston outfit that we love! A lot of the base pieces are very similar to that of the first outfit which is what we love to promote when shopping for your wardrobe!

    The Vala Jacket looks great dressed in this way as well as in the way shown in the first lookbook. This look is much more casual thanks to the lighter wash of the denim and the white v-neck slouchy tee, which gives it the same casual vibe that Jennifer’s jeans and v-neck give. We chose to use our My Essential Wardrobe Louis Skirt instead of a traditional pair of jeans as the wash of this skirt perfectly mimics the wash on her jeans. Equally, a light wash pair of mom or dad jeans would work just as well! The blazer and boots added by Jennifer in our inspiration picture is what makes this outfit look a lot more sophisticated and classic. The addition of black adds an element of formality and the blazer adds some structure onto what is otherwise a very casual outfit. The same effect can be seen in our lookbook recreation, where the addition of our Vala Blazer adds some formality into our base outfit. To accessorise we have added the same pair of neutral coloured vanilla sunnies to match the pair that Jennifer clearly loves! 

    The third and final Jennifer Aniston outfit is a super dressy and formal option, perfect for going out on date night or to work functions.

    We have used the same top base as we did for the last outfit, a well fitting black t-shirt and a black blazer, and have paired it with a wide leg pair of black trousers. These are the Coster Copenhagen Petra Trousers and they are beautiful satin feel fabric with an elasticated waist and front pleats. They fit very similar to the pair worn by Jennifer in the photo and they ooze glamour when on! These trousers are a beautiful piece that every wardrobe needs. We chose to add some sparkle in the neck with a silver double layered necklace and we would add some black heels and a clutch bag like Jennfier is wearing. What we love most about this outfit is that it is a great option for many who prefer wearing trousers over dresses and skirts for more formal occasions, formal doesn't have to equal dresses! We think this is a brilliant alternative and so does Jennifer! 

    You can shop all pieces shown in this blog in store or online!