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    Our Story

    Souls Boutique started almost ten years ago when my mum (Lucille) and I (Harriet) talked about joining forces and opening a fashion boutique when I turned 18. We’d always had a shared love of fashion and loved the idea of working together so we thought the idea would be perfect.

    But unfortunately, the timing never worked out and nothing ever happened.

    Then as the years went by, we kept coming back to this idea and so towards the end of 2017, we decided to make our dream a reality.

    We attended a few trade shows to explore the idea, and put together a blueprint to outline exactly what we wanted our dream clothing boutique to look like;

    • We wanted to create a community of customers who were led by their style and love of looking and feeling good, no matter what their age.
    • We wanted our clothing to be effortlessly stylish and blend classic chic with current trends.
    • We wanted to create an exclusive but friendly atmosphere that allows people to feel utterly spoilt when they walk out of the door with their purchases.


    By February 2018, everything was working out perfectly.

    We’d found lovely premises in a beautiful retail mews by the river in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. We’d developed our concept and discovered the unique and stylish brands that would help us create exactly what we’d hoped for.

    Then we had six months to get organised before we opened on the 1st September 2018. And as they say, the rest is history!


    Why we love our place on the high street

    Nothing compares to running a boutique on the high street! It’s wonderful to get face to face with our customers, enjoy such a lovely location and be surrounded by other businesses.

    We know that many of our customers love us being there too. They can pop into our store and have a browse, see what's new, and most importantly, touch and feel all our gorgeous products.

    They often come and say a quick hello when they’re passing and share a cup of tea, show us their family wedding photos and even introduce us to their dogs. We’ve made many new friends that way and we always keep them in mind when we’re shopping for new products and ranges.

    Our new online store

    Despite the current challenges and the undeniable growth of online retail, the high street is where our heart truly lies. We believe that, in time, people will come back. We want to continue to be there for our customers, offering an authentic boutique experience, and perhaps even open another concept store in the future. Who knows?

    Having said that, we’ve recently launched a brand-new online store that allows us to extend the Souls experience to customers who currently can’t visit our shops in person.

    While we can’t share our passion and personality in exactly the same way as we do with our riverside boutique, we do hand wrap and seal every single order and treat it with the same loving care as we would if you were here with us. We hope you feel just as excited about your delivery as we do when we send it to you!


    What can you expect from us next?

    We’ve been busy planning how we can improve the Souls Boutique experience even more. Here’s what we have up our sleeves.

    1. New capsule wardrobes

     We’re currently working on capsule wardrobes and quality over quantity. We have a lot of simple timeless pieces that will fit any wardrobe and pieces that are transitional through each season and that you can pull out year after year. We can’t wait for you to discover them all!


    1. New homeware range

    We realise that your home is a creative expression of who you are and always reflects your own personal style. That’s why we decided to start offering beautiful simple pieces of homeware (in our online store). We also wanted to provide beautiful items that can be given and sent as gifts to loved ones when you can be with them in person.

    We’re very selective when it comes to our choice of brands and products. Quality is always our top priority, closely followed by price. We love Danish brands and tend to gravitate towards them as well as those smaller independent businesses who could really do with our support right now. 


    1. New Souls Email Club

    We know that online retail is more important than ever at the moment but we’re not willing to sacrifice the close connection we’ve grown with our customers in our physical shop. That’s why, over the coming months we’ll be working hard to grow our online community and build our relationships with our online customers.

    To begin with, we’ll be connecting with everyone weekly via our Souls Email Club and sharing everything from style edits and blog posts to those tiny details we’d share if we were right there with you.


    We want you to be part of this community growth so please do sign up and then get involved. We love hearing from you! We want to get to know what you're looking for, how we can make shopping easier for you and what you love the most about Souls.

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