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    Wearing the right colours...

    How to Choose the Best Clothing Colours to Wear

    When you wear the right colours for your complexion, you will look radiant, feel confident and bring out your most stunning physical features time after time.

    But finding your perfect colour match isn’t always an easy task.

    An outfit may look beautiful on your best friend or in the pages of a magazine, yet when you try it on, you discover that you just look tired and exhausted. It’s disappointing, frustrating and can really affect how you feel about yourself.

    Let’s fix that. Keep reading to find out which colours will work best for your complexion.


    Find your skin’s undertone

    To find out which clothing colours would best work for you, we need to first determine your natural colouring. Although each one of us is beautifully unique, we can generally divide our complexion or ‘undertones’ into one of three types: cool, warm and neutral. Here are some tricks you can use to figure out which group you fall into. 

    • How do your veins appear? If the veins in your wrists appear green, you likely have warm undertones. If they are blue or purple, they’re likely to be cool.

    • What jewellery suits you best?Do you look better in silver than gold? If so, you have cool undertones, and vice versa.

    • How well does your skin tolerate the sun? If you tend to burn easily in the sun, you may have cool undertones.

    • Which celebrities do you look like? Which celebrity has similar hair, skin and eye colouring to you? Which colours do they tend to wear?


    Choose your colours

    Once you’ve figured out your natural undertones, you can figure out which colours are your ideal match and then create a wardrobe that features these colours. By doing so, you’ll look more vibrant and stylish, whatever the season and whatever pieces you decided to wear. Here is our quick guide.

    Cool Undertones

    If you have cool undertones, your skin tends to be cool white, rosy, olive, brown or black with blue undertones. Your hair may also have cool undertones and range from very light ash blond to blue black or anywhere in between.

    Colour shades that look best on you include crisp whites, cool greys, jewel tones and sea shades. This includes emerald, turquoise, purple, bright blue, royal blue, mint green, and lilac. When looking for neutral pieces, you should stick to crisp whites and cool greys.


    Warm Undertones.

    If your skin has a peachy, creamy, olive, golden brown or honey brown colour, you may have warm undertones. Your hair may be strawberry blond, golden, caramel brown, copper, red wine or warm black.

    To emphasise the warmth in your complexion, you should choose earthy tones such as oranges, reds, golden yellow, amber, and olive greens. Deep, rich shades such as burnt orange and khaki green work well and bring out your inner radiance. For neutral shades, choose off-whites with creamy undertones, warm greys and rich browns.


    Neutral undertones

    If you have a mixture of both tones, you can wear a wide range of colours to make the most of your natural beauty. Generally speaking, you should stick to softer, neutral shades such as light peach, lemon, raspberry, soft rose, jade green and placid blue. Avoid bright colours (apart from red) as these can often overpower your complexion and leave you looking and feeling ‘washed out’. When choosing neutrals, look to vanilla, grey and taupe.



    Finding the right colours for your complexion can make a huge difference to how you look and perhaps most importantly, how you feel in your own skin. When you know which group you fall into, you’ll remove much of the guesswork and highlight your most beautiful features.


    For more help choosing the best colours to wear, pop in for a chat today.